Yuju Run On OST Part 10 Cover

Yuju – Falling Lyrics

English Translation: My days have changed after I met you I’m filled with your scent I don’t know when But you came to my heart without anyone knowing Ever since the first moment I saw…

Yuju Alice OST Part1 Cover

Yuju – Secret Lyrics

Official English Translation/Romanized: Ain’t nobody but you for you I’m fighting everyday Keeping my sanity I’m on the edge and I’m falling Hold me tight unfold it Tell em’ no distance tear us apart We’re…

YuJu Was It Love OST Part 3 Cover

YuJu – First Day Lyrics

English Translation: Will you hold my hand With that familiar scent? I think my desperate heart has reached you You came to me once again No way, It’s you It’s you Don’t make a move…