wooah Rollercoaster Cover

woo!ah! – Rollercoaster Lyrics

Official English Translation: Okay, just put it off Till a later time, babe Nope, maybe it’s too soon In a hurry I go crazy Tickling breeze Started to freeze (oh my) Hot and then chill…

wooah Danger Cover

woo!ah! – Danger Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Anin cheok haedo jakku saenggagi na ㅘㅜ ㅘㅜ ㅘㅜ Dara boyeodo igeon mwonga dalla ㅜㅏ ㅜㅏ ㅜㅏ Bwadobwado neon jeonhyeo anjillim I know I know neol hyanghan ikkeullim Dajwodajwodo bujokan neukkim Ppajyeo…

wooah Purple Cover

woo!ah! – Purple Lyrics

English Translation: Where did you come from? Who are you to shake up my heart? Even your chic and cold face Strangely pulls me, I’ve fallen so deep I see you I see you I’m…