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VIXX 5th Single Album Cover

VIXX – Dynamite Lyrics

English Translation: It’s too late girl All mine her mind X 3 Maybe I’m jealous What’re you looking at? Let go of me Don’t tell me to calm down What’s the use of it all?…

VIXX 2nd Album Cover

VIXX – Chained Up Lyrics

English Translation: Completely tensed up, I roll my shoulders. I simply wander around you, uh. You gaze straight through me over the whip that made me submit. (That’s right, good boy.) My breathing is rough,…

VIXX LR 1st mini-Album Cover

VIXX LR – Beautiful Liar Lyrics

English Translation: This is a beautiful lie My last lie Even if it hurts to death I am hiding myself under a mask for you I see myself in the mirror and I ask myself…

VIXX Special Single Album Cover

VIXX – Memory Lyrics

English Translation: I need memories The image of you loving me is fading away I can’t see your face The love is being forgotten The tears that fell down my cheeks Have dried up at…

VIXX Special Single Album Cover

VIXX – Cold Night Lyrics

English Translation: The moment I’ve never even imagined The words I’ve never even thought of They’re coming to me on this cold night, calling my name Tears are falling As if telling me that this…

VIXX Special Single Album Cover

VIXX – Love Equation Lyrics

English Translation: The end of love is goodbye At the same time, tears fall It wouldn’t feel right if it didn’t rain but it’s raining Another typical love equation has materialized, let’s go Yeah, love…

VIXX 2nd mini-Album Cover

VIXX – What U Waiting For Lyrics

English Translation: What U Waiting For Don’t hesitate anymore girl (yeah eh) Time is ticking and I might leave you too (yeah eh) What U Waiting For The fate-like love that you want Make it…

VIXX 2nd mini-Album Cover

VIXX – Time Machine Lyrics

English Translation: In a corner of the attic There is a small and old radio, buried under dust A small and soft voice can be heard Clearly through the music (Who’s that, who’s that) I…

VIXX 2nd mini-Album Cover

VIXX – Youth Hurts Lyrics

English Translation: Everyone looks at us and says That we’re at our best age That there’s so much to experience in the world But why didn’t they tell us the most important thing That a…

VIXX 2nd mini-Album Cover

VIXX – After Dark Lyrics

English Translation: Moonlight You’re disappearing with the darkness once again When the day comes, I’m left alone in bed Following the speed of the slowly rising sun I shed heavy tears I hate this after…