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Verbal Jint If It Ain't Love

Verbal Jint – If It Ain’t Love Lyrics

(Feat. Ailee) English Translation: Please don’t misunderstand I’m not just saying this Because of the atmosphere These days, because of thoughts of you I couldn’t sleep for several nights Pretty girl, I know how you…

Verbal Jint Good Start

Verbal Jint – Good Start Lyrics

(Feat. Kim Min Hee of Miss $) English Translation: [Chorus] It’s a good start I came to the quiet sea alone And I made wishes for the New Year The strong cold that tortured me…

Golden Time OST

Verbal Jint – I Get Weak Lyrics

English Translation: I know there’s no time Even though I know, I keep doing this This trauma can’t be erased It continues in my head As I’m left alone in the dark When it becomes…

No Image

Verbal Jint – You Deserve Better Lyrics

(Feat. Sanchez) English Translation: Girl, you know you deserve better You’re pretty enough You’re too beautiful to be getting hurt and crying because of that kind of guy Lift up your head, what is this…