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U-Kiss – 0330 Lyrics

Romanized: yo listen up this is my tragic story just to break inmy heart na ajikdo neoreul jiul su eobseo jakkujakku niga saenggangna niga neomu bogo sipeo bamsae hansumdo jal su eobseo nae mam changmuneul…

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U-KISS – Erase Lyrics

English Translation: I won’t beg in front of this worthless love I won’t blankly, stupidly wait for you Erase my mind – just disappear, disappear I’m pretending to be calm and smiling but I hate…

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U-KISS – Remember Lyrics

English Translation: You’ll probably meet me at least once You just said words that you didn’t mean When you said you didn’t want to see my face, that it was hard On the day you…