twlv ALL IN Cover

twlv – ALL IN Lyrics

English Translation: Do not act like u ain’t I know everything secret Girl u better not Play with me hmmm There’s no l I’re game But I can make it different I’m all in what…

Twlv Rewind Cover

Twlv – Rewind Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Don’t wanna hear it anymore I’m covering my ears, I’m fine I know that it’s over Don’t wanna hold on, I’m fine My heart hoped for a long time But because the…

twlv Twerking Cover

twlv – Twerking Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Ijen da aesseo moreuneun cheok nae ireum Ilbanineseo got that famous Yng and rich my label Na eopseumyeon burwanjeonhae I neimeun Keulleobe naega natanamyeon bureo teureompet Teureompeuegedo kkulliji anneun yumyeongse Teuroteuedo jjondeukage…