TO1 Drummin Cover

TO1 – Drummin Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Hoo! Hey, lets go! (you got me drummin’ drummin’ draw) La la la la Ready? Let’s go! (whoo) Ijekkeot bon jeok eomneun Teugijeome knock down Sangsang mothan deungjang Ti naneun cgboda Deo…

TO1 No More X Cover

TO1 – No More X Lyrics

English Translation: Dam dam dam dam dam (yeah) Dam dam dam dam dam dam dam (together as one) Dam dam dam dam dam (let’s get it) Dam dam dam dam dam Let’s talk about x…

TO1 Son of Beast Cover

TO1 – Son of Beast Lyrics

English Translation: Um yeah Go The flames of a long wait (uh yeah) The heat that appears in my eyes (woo) After a long slumber, the sunrise has taken away the night This is the…