The Boyz

THE BOYZ Run On OST Part 7 Cover

THE BOYZ – Priority Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: It’s alright if you don’t answer me When I ask what number I am among all the people you met It’s not important Actually, you’re my first priority That’s what I wanted…

THE BOYZ Christmassy Cover

THE BOYZ – Christmassy! Lyrics

English Translation: This year has been filled with you But my wish list keeps increasing This is the message I have to tell you today It makes me walk faster, my heart flutters, honestly Standing…

Road To Kingdom Cover

The Boyz – CHECKMATE Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Capture you, Capture you without a sound (Keep the tension) Capture you, capture you to the end (Check your King) Between the darkness, Everything is gonna change in THE NIGHT Just by…