Sweet Sorrow

SWEET SORROW Small Room Cover

SWEET SORROW – Small Room Lyrics

English Translation: In my small and narrow room, all of me is there My shaky youth, my poor love My unresolved worries, they all live there All of my bleak past days In my deep…

Sweet Sorrow Beautiful

Sweet Sorrow – Beautiful Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Gamchul su eobseo yojeum mwonga dalla boindae Geureongabwa na deulkyeonnabwa Ip soge sumgin satangcheoreom Meomchul su eobseo jeomjeom keojyeoganeun nae mameun Ireon geolkka sarangin geolkka Jakku useumi…

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Sweet Sorrow – December Story Lyrics

English Translation: When did it start falling? All around me it’s shining white It is steadily stacking up My feelings toward you Without even knowing my own feelings, I am running toward you Like a…