SUHO The 2nd Mini Album Cover

SUHO – Hurdle Lyrics

English Translation: Oh, what’s your secret formula? Oh, your circuit spins endlessly I want, I want, I wanna go Even with my youthful footfall, why am I slow? She knows, oh, no, even if I…

SUHO The 2nd Mini Album Cover

SUHO – Grey Suit Lyrics

Official English Translation: I feel faded, I’m not used to this new color Unstable emotions, throw on and go Like an achromatic color that lost its warmth I’m walking through the pale hours Full with…

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Suho – I’m Not Kidding Lyrics

(Feat. Kim Tae Woo/Narrated by Lee Dae Hee) English Translation: Hey, Dahae Yeah? Oppa is really not kidding But I don’t know your heart Mm, OK listen Uh, it might be a bit awkward at…