Sohyang 18 Again OST Part 2 Cover

Sohyang – Hello Lyrics

English Translation: Hello hello hello hello Hello hello hello hello One day, like a red flower blossomed my dream You made my heart flutter Even after a long day You stayed by my side I…

Sohyang Stay Cover

Sohyang – Stay Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Where did your memories go Neoui sumgyeoreun dolgo dora Bimirui gieoge seo isseo neowa For so long So long I stay Um Dalbiche heureuneun bam Chagawotdeon gonggie meomuldeon Siseone jinsime tteollyeo Soneul…

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Sohyang – Only One Lyrics

English Translation: Have you gotten tired from walking and are still resting? I’m waiting but you’re not coming The sun is about to set and darkness is settling But I’m still standing all alone I…