sogumm & DJ Wegun Imagine Cover

sogumm & DJ Wegun – Imagine Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Wassup? Ayy Sangsangeul hae Neoreul uyeonhi majuchige doemyeon Eotteon mareul halkka saenggakae Still think about you Talk about you! Still think about you Talk about you! Wassup? Ayy Sangsangeul hae Dahaenginji bulhaenginjin…

sogumm Encourage Cover

sogumm – Encourage Lyrics

Official English Translation: Did you have a rough day at work? I can see it in your eyes, but you smile I can see the sadness over your drooping shoulders I can see it in…

sogumm My Dangerous Wife OST Part 4 Cover

sogumm – Run Lyrics

English Translation: You wouldn’t know that I’ve got you now Suddenly, you You dare tear all my heart apart You’re so fearless, right? You’re wandering through the endlessly dark night I have you in my…