SNSD Tiffany

Tiffany Heartbreak Hotel Single

Tiffany – Heartbreak Hotel Lyrics

(Feat. Simon Dominic) English Translation: I see the end in your eyes It endlessly shakes me, messes me up Is it time to stop making things up? Stop these painful emotions, I can’t breathe As…

Blood OST Part 1

Tiffany – Only One Lyrics

English Translation: Why does it break my heart Your frozen eyes They seem to be crying I want to go up to you and hug you You can lean on me When no one’s by…

All About My Romance OST

Tiffany – One Step Lyrics

English Translation: Tell me of a love that’s like a dream You’re feeling it too I know you had many reasons why you couldn’t say It’s alright, love that’s felt for the first time Won’t…