Sin Ye Young

Sin Ye Young Dont Apologize Cover

Sin Ye Young – Don’t Apologize Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Maeil banbokdwaebeorin uri sain Ijen sarangi anin miryeonin geojana Jajeun datume nal wonmanghaneun neoui nunbicheun I sarangui kkeuteul malhaejwosseo Seororeul tathamyeo sangcheo jwotdeon maldeullo Kkeunnan uri saireul Deoneun chatji mara jwo Mianhadago…

Sin Ye Young Its Okay Cover

Sin Ye Young – It’s Okay Lyrics

English Translation: Once we get one step farther away, once the memories disappear Once the blowing breeze gets forgotten It will be as if nothing had happened The clock hands will keep turning All of…

Sin Ye Young I MISS U Cover

Sin Ye Young – I MISS U Lyrics

English Translation: How are you I’m used to being without you I cried every night Seeing you can pretend to be okay The lovely words that you gave I try to forget it little by…