Seori The Long Night Cover

Seori – The Long Night Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Gin bami onikka Neol deryeoganikka Nan tto jami ojil ana Gin bami onikka Neol deryeogajana Aesseo doraseogiedo aswiwo Teong bin I bangan sok Teong bin I gonggireul Gyeondiji mot hago Honja seo…

Seori Lovers in the night Cover

Seori – Lovers in the night Lyrics

Official English Translation: I need to get something off my chest Cuz lately I have been upset U make me wanna dress in red And sing with my head out the window I know it’s…

Seori Trigger Cover

Seori – Trigger Lyrics

Official English Translation/Romanized: Breathe it in, my baby You triggered my lady You know I always repay Let’s enjoy slowly I should want You should want People say my love is unsafe It’s like a…