SEOLA Without U Cover

SEOLA – Without U Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: The same scene repeats I grab the key on the table Turn away and then I don’t need your love no more Here’s no fantasy, wake up from the dream Hurry and…

SEOLA Summer Strike OST Part 8 Cover

SEOLA – Lover Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Nuneul tteumyeon neoui eolguri nunape gadeukae Nun gameumyeon neoui moksori nae ane chaewojyeo Hwanhage bichwojuneun sel su eomneun byeoldeurui bada Hwanhan misoro banjjagideon geunal bamui neo wa na (uuuuu~) Du soneul kkok…

SEOLA At the end of the day Cover

SEOLA – At the end of the day Lyrics

English Translation: The lingering feelings at the end of a bad day My heavy footsteps that are so difficult to move Right when the faraway and faint lights start to smudge Tell me that I’m…