SAya Green Mothers Club OST Part 5 Cover

SAya – A Song For You Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Mudyeojin neowa Dasin eopseul geot gateun ne misoreul Bogo sipeotdeon nan Jeongcheo eopsi georeumeul georeosseo Still wait for you Neol wihan noraereul sijakae Still wait for me Nuneul gamgo ne mameul yeoreojwo…

SAya Mine OST Part 3 Cover

SAya – In Dreams Lyrics

English Translation: Stay, just for a moment, like this Stay with me Without a word With me, I wanna be here forever Here in your arms I don’t want to leave On a day like…

SAya True Beauty OST Part 1 Cover

SAya – Call Me Maybe Lyrics

English Translation: I don’t know what’s wrong with me You really drive me crazy All day, I’m busy but whenever I have time I get curious about you I’m not trying to play games But…