OnlyOneOf seOul drift Cover

OnlyOneOf – seOul drift Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Gotta take away We off Japil deut maldeut chase ya bebe Jayurowo make the bass up Banghaemul da teoteuryeo bomb Sokdoreul ollyeo zero one hundred Jeongdabeun on the road Break the rules…

OnlyOneOf Into you Cover

OnlyOneOf – Into you Lyrics

English Translation: I’m thinking about Your face and your scent I’m falling more and more Don’t tell me about it Just looking at you Pulls me to you I want all of you I think…

OnlyOneOf libidO Cover

OnlyOneOf – libidO Lyrics

English Translation: Libi libido, streaks of light tangled up like rope For no reason, I’m pulled to it, oh Leave it leave it libido We’re like roots extending like veins Mixing together with no rules,…