Motte Rocket Cover

Motte – Rocket Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Gojangnabeoryeonne Myeochil jeone san naui roket Engineer igeo eotteokae Saram joeun malsomssiro Nal kkodeugin geonga bwa Na ije eotteoke doragana Eotteon yeollakdo chwihal su eomneun yeogi Eumjuunjeonirado han geotcheoreom Ohaehaji masigo save…

Motte Was It Love OST Part 8 Cover

Motte – My Way Lyrics

English Translation: Another day is starting already But after a blink of an eye Night time is already here I quietly look at the ceiling before I fall asleep It feels the same but different…

Motte Men Are Men OST Part3 Cover

Motte – So Good Lyrics

English Translation: Your eyes that look at me Twinkle like the stars We’re under the dark sky Your eyes and your smile resemble the stars It makes my heart pound Oh you’re so cozy You…