Moon Heejun

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Moon Heejun – Pioneer Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Duryeowo malgo sijakhae wonhandamyeon Gamchwojin sesangeul yeoreo blaze your heart Sumgyeojin neoreul boyeobwa turn on the light Geojitdoen sesangeul beoryeo time to show Eodumi garyeojin isesange hwanhage…

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Moon Heejun – Blood-V Lyrics

English Translation: I just realized that you are different from the others The more I fear, oh the more I want to go to you All night get down, now to me, today to me…

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Moon HeeJun – Scandal Lyrics

English Translation: We were in a relationship that no one should know about (Love it Love is True) As if we should never meet (Love it Love is True) You said you couldn’t take it…