MINHO Stay for a night Cover

MINHO – Stay for a night Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Oraenmane neutge wake up Poneun bangjeondwae isseo Amu yeollak eopseo nan eumeumeum Jjalbeun sanchaek Kkeuteun kape Eoneusae chadichan gonggineun eumeumeum Mwonji moreul something Oneulmankeumeun na Waenji I gibuni Natseon geot gata Himdeun…

MINHO 1st Mini Album Cover

MINHO – Chase Lyrics

English Translation: Several nights Wake up from an unending nightmare Ayy, wake up breathless Calm down, breathe deeper The same scene replays Far away into the mist You’re going away Chase you Our names used…

MINHO Heartbreak Cover

MINHO – Heartbreak Lyrics

Official English Translation: Heartbreak between all those pieces So cold and high up there, it scatters It seems like you don’t care even if this is our last Turning back, the shallow shallow eyes Oh…