M.Pire T.O Single Cover

M.Pire T.O – Lie Lyrics

English Translation: It feels strange without you I guess I was happy like an unending dream Times we spent together, memories of being in love I can’t let go of them like a habit, I…

M.Pire Single Album Cover

M.Pire – On My Mind Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Amugeotdo neukkyeojiji anha (you leave) Sesang tteonagan geotcheoreom nado eobseo Uimi eomneun hansumman tto naeswimyeo Uimi eomneun miraereul gidaehago isseo Just remember that i’m sorry, Na ni…

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M.Pire – We Can’t Be Friends Lyrics

English Translation: M.Pire We get it, that is more than crash We rock the world Are you ready? Leggo You threw my heart to the ground and you trampled on my last tears While you…