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M (Minwoo) EP Cover

M (Minwoo) – Love Supreme Lyrics

English Translation: All those girls are not my boo There’s no way they come into my eye after meeting you It’s Like Paradise Tickets Just For Two A heart-racing relationship is about to be revealed…

M (Minwoo) EP Cover

M (Minwoo) – No Limit Lyrics

English Translation: (Oh Yeah No There’s No Limit) The game is already over at your hidden and mysterious eyes (Oh Yeah No There’s No Limit) I’m set on fire like a burning train running to…

M (Minwoo) EP Cover

M (Minwoo) – Taxi Lyrics

English Translation: Uh Yeah M double trouble, E to the RIC baby So what you wanna do, Where you gonn’ be, Get down in my taxi girl Slowly, the door opens in front of me,…

M (Minwoo) EP Cover

M (Minwoo) – Thriller Lyrics

English Translation: I want to touch you, I want to steal you, from your head to your toes You provoked my instincts, I’m awakening at your touch I dig dip through your lips Spreading inside…

M (Minwoo) EP Cover

M (Minwoo) – Kiss It Away Lyrics

English Translation: Our couple rings shines under the sun, we both wear couple necklaces It’s as if we share a heart I like being with you so I engrave love prints all over One minute,…