Lee Juck

Lee Juck House of Lies OST Part 1 Cover

Lee Juck – Daydreaming Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Nega cham geuriwo Myeochil dongan jameun an ogo Natgwa bamjochado bunmyeongchi ana Meoriga bupureo Geopumcheoreom mulkeonggeoryeoseo Kkumin geot gateunde hwaksilchi ana Uri geuttae Gachi ppajyeotdeon sigan Ingkeuga damgin yokjobuteo Binmuri baein siteukkaji…

Lee Juck Hush OST Part 4 Cover

Lee Juck – Walk with you Lyrics

English Translation: The morning is coming I wonder what it means to me When you are walking Sometimes, you can get lost Is that the darkness? Now forget it all Don’t hold onto any regrets…

Lee Juck Things We Took For Granted Cover

Lee Juck – Things We Took For Granted Lyrics

Official English Translation Lyrics: We didn’t realize back then The things that we took for granted Taking walks Seeing friends Holding hands Embracing each other All things so ordinary to us We made light of…