Koyote Oh My Summer Cover

Koyote – Oh My Summer Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: All day all night alright oh my summer time Tteugeoun yeoreume dasi tto urideul maeumeun seollego If you’re all ready to leave? Let’s aha Geu hae yeoreum urin modu haengbokaesseotji Taeyangboda deo…

Koyote 1999

Koyote – 1999 Lyrics

English Translation: Hello, this is Ahn Hye Kyung’s Crazy Night I’m your DJ for today, Ahn Hye Kyung It’s the last winter night of 1999 A new group debuted today, a co-ed group The name…

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Koyote – Hollywood Lyrics

(Feat. Jung Joon Ha) English Translation: Love has left me, where should I go now? Where should I go now? Welcome to Hollywood Who’s the group for summer? What’s there to think about! We make…