Kid Milli

Kid Milli & Dress Bittersweet Cover

Kid Milli & Dress – Bittersweet Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Fuck sleep Chilli chilly toffee nut latte I’m eat feast Cop old prada, gotta save up, my account’s a pig pig Beige coattie, drooling over the smell, this is sweet Mob with…

Kid Milli & dress Face Mask Cover

Kid Milli & dress – Face & Mask Lyrics

English Translation: Stay home keep safety We’re just living like a weirdo boy Shut the **** up and keep Shake out both hands cleanly Credit card don’t make us freedom Fed up with a ****in…

Kid Milli & Dress Bankroll Cover

Kid Milli & Dress – Bankroll Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Paint the world I don’t fuck with 1000 nan eogeul gatdajugo olge Word To my eomeoni nan hamyeon kkeunnan geoji I’ll give you Word Watda gatda chaenggil geoman chaenggida ni sonen Mwo…