Keumbee 908 Cover

Keumbee – 908 Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: I am allergic to dogs But I’m living with 2 pups And they certainly make me very happy I am allergic to beer Especially when it’s flat But I really like it…

Keumbee Sneakin Into Your Heart Cover

Keumbee – Sneakin’ Into Your Heart Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Mollae mollae ne mamsoge deureoga Eoneusae neon naege ppajyeodeulgo isseo Han georeumssik du georeumssik neomu gipi deureoga Eojjeoda nae mami deureonagirado hamyeon Meotjjeokge useulge sasireun nan Sneakin’ into your heart Sneakin’ into…