KEN May I Help You OST Part 3 Cover

KEN – You’re My Love Girl Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Yeah oraetdongan neoreul gidaryeowasseo Neoneun algo inneunji Look at me look at me Neukkyeojini nae mami yeah Areumdaun neoui maeume Ppajyeobeoril geonman gateunde Dagaga nege soksagigo sipeo Woo woo woo Nan everyday…

KEN 1st Mini Album

KEN – Just For A Moment Lyrics

English Translation: Let’s say goodbye as if nothing happened It seems that our one year together means nothing to you There are so many beautiful places and things I’d like to show you I was…

Ken 2016 May YoonJongshin Project Cover

Ken – Over Sleep Lyrics

(of VIXX) English Translation: My blanket feels like a cloud Feels like I’m floating Last night, the sounds of our breathing was so beautiful I’m already sleeping in this morning Our languages were exchanged Past…