kayla Back Home Cover

kayla – Back Home Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Come with me Nae mami swil su inneun goseuro Anjeonhi Banghwanghaneun nareul deryeogajwo mhm Euneunhage binnadeon nun soge Bichin nae moseubi nan geuriwo Bulpillyohan saenggakdeullo inhae eoduwojin Nae mamui muneul yeoreojwo So…

Kayla Promise Cover

Kayla – Promise Lyrics

English Translation: Hello good morning Words as soon as I wake up in the morning Good night sweet dreams No expression like this anymore I want to spend more time with you Just the two…

kayla I Need You Cover

kayla – I Need You Lyrics

Official English Translation: It seems unreal how perfect you can be It almost feels like a dream Sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough I’ve got too many problems to be solved I tell…