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Jimmy Brown

Jimmy Brown Yours Cover

Jimmy Brown – Yours Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: I’m yours babe I’m yours babe I’m yours I’m yours I’m yours babe I’m yours babe I’m yours You take me to a place where I can’t control babe Don’t let this…

Jimmy Brown Dance Cover

Jimmy Brown – Dance Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: We fly where we want But don’t know where we’re going Mureumeul deonjyeo Yeoreumi omyeon Dasi gyeoureul bangyeo Nan oneureul salgiro hae We still got time to grow Stay forever young Gomin…

Jimmy Brown Reminiscing Cover

Jimmy Brown – Reminiscing Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Oneulttara mani saenggangna Areumdapdeon neowa na Gipge bakyeo itdeon jogagi nawa bare chiyeo Nan doedolligo sipjin ana kkeuchi nan Gil wieseo meoril sseuk Oneulttara nega saenggangna Mani saenggangna Bido oji anneunde mallya…

Jimmy Brown Everyday Cover

Jimmy Brown – Everyday Lyrics

English Translation: A dream that worries eats me Swimming in it The breath accumulated all day long Carefully connecting to you Above the sky The feeling of flying Oui when luck Putting each other next…

Jimmy Brown Let Me Know Cover

Jimmy Brown – Let Me Know Lyrics

Official English Translation/Romanized: Me on the roof Yeah I’m up for everything you say I’m into you We just can’t deny this chemistry When you’re with me Be honest Let’s just be honest You got…

Jimmy Brown Grandma Cover

Jimmy Brown – Grandma Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Apeudaneun sosigeul deureosseo Pyeongsaeng gyeoteul jikyeojul geonman gatatdeon Geudaega nal Tteonaneun geol geuril su eopseoyo Halmeonireul wihan I norae Ijeya sseuneyo babogachi Sumaneun sarang yaegido Geudae maeumman mothaneunde Gaji mayo Tteonaji marayo…