JadeL Every Life is Ruined Cover

Jade.L – Every Life is Ruined Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: I know everybody’s getting hard I know everyone is struggling much But it seems I’m the only blue one here But every life is ruined Just like me Couple sunny side up…

JadeL Night Ride Cover

Jade.L – Night Ride Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Eodil gago sipeo Baby let’s go take that highway Sangmakan dosi sogeul Beoseonamyeon boineun woo-ah That’s my paradise Baby take my hand So we can fly away So high Eotteon geotdo sanggwaneopseo…

JadeL Cover

Jade.L – Parthian Shot Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Wasn’t born yesterday You got that feeling what I want At a glance I know it all That you were what I’ve been looking for Making moves getting closer Keep crossing my…