Jade Hometown Cover

Jade – Hometown Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Mollasseo eolmana areumdaunji Ttatteuthan barami eorumanjyeo Soljiki malhae I neukkim Itgo isseosseo I neukkim Nae maeum gipi I neukkim Sumeoisseoseo Georiui saramdeul byeonhameopseo Juwiui modeun ge geudaeroya Soljiki malhae I neukkim Itgo…

Jade Present Cover

Jade – Present Lyrics

English Translation/Romanized: I never would have known That I would be who I am now I am still the little girl Making weird faces all the time I’ve been taking for granted All the present…

Jade No more Cover

Jade – No more Lyrics

Official English Translation/Romanized: Walking all on my own Talking all on my own Dreaming of being alone Always all on my own Why is that you always Wish it to be your ways Sick and…