JBASS Dancing in my closet Cover

J.BASS – Dancing in my closet Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Can I close to you Just moving on Play a love song And just moving on Moving on Watching the breath Watching the breath ’til the cup is filled with the light…

JBASS enough Cover

J.BASS – enough Lyrics

English Translation/Romanized: I just wanna take a walk with you That’s why I call you now, I call you now Snow is piling up outside, But I just wanna talk with you at night So…

JBASS Cotton Candy Cover

J.BASS – Cotton Candy Lyrics

English Translation: Like it budeureowo Popping satang gateun neo Like it Popping Oh yeah Gibun joa Jeomjeom ppajyeodeureo Who who uri durin Couple Sparkling Oh yeah Dalkomhage Sareureureu noga saljjak naege wa Uri sai dudungsil…