IU Modern Times 3rd Album

IU – Everyone Has Secrets Lyrics

(Feat. GaIn of Brown Eyed Girls) English Translation: Who I wanted If you knew, what kind of face would you make? What I did yesterday If you knew, what would you say? Don’t say that…

IU Modern Times 3rd Album

IU – Love Of B Lyrics

(With Park Joo Won) English Translation: You clearly saw my text but there’s no answer Just how busy are you? What’re you doing afterwards? Wanna meet up? Let’s talk The pattern is similar but It’s…

IU Modern Times 3rd Album

IU – The Red Shoes Lyrics

English Translation: I’m lost, where should I do? A small alleyway split into twelve ways Where can I go to meet you again? If it’s my destiny, if I can choose my destiny Even if…