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Infinite 5th mini-Album Cover

Infinite – Bad Lyrics

English Translation: Your eyes have grown cold again Your sharp tongue digs into me, please stop I can’t take it anymore You come to me like you have me, you wrap around me Then you…

Infinite Grow OST Cover

Infinite – Together Lyrics

English Translation: Some day, we’ll reach that place With the same heart just like always We’ll be looking at each other with a smile As I dream of that day, I’m looking at one place…

Infinite Back

Infinite – Back Lyrics

English Translation: Come save me, come save me Remember, inside your drawer Remember, inside your wallet The traces that I left behind Engrave them without leaving anything out reminisce, inside that photo Inside that space…

Infinite 2nd Album Cover

Infinite – Shower Lyrics

English Translation: I’m suffocating, trapped in this black fog The blue stream turns into a black dirt water At some point, my shoulders are dripping wet I have even let go of your small hands…

Infinite 2nd Album Cover

Infinite – Close Your Eyes Lyrics

(Woohyun Solo) English Translation: You said we’d meet again some day As you held my hand and whispered But now I can’t do anything for you anymore Do you know how I’m feeling? Where are…

Infinite 2nd Album Cover

Infinite – Going Crazy Lyrics

English Translation: How do you feel? He likes you You heard his confession yesterday I Need U Only You I couldn’t sleep all night I’m afraid that you’ll leave me Will you turn your heart…

Infinite 2nd Album Cover

Infinite – Reflex Lyrics

English Translation: Maybe the world was a bit overwhelming, maybe I thought you were baggage Although my heart hurts even if I don’t see you for a few days To me, you’re my eternal certificate,…

Infinite 2nd Album Cover

Infinite – Memories Lyrics

English Translation: Hey, it’s a very old memory but My heart still gets saddened because I miss you There are still times when I crazily want to go back to those times I use to…

Infinite 2nd Album Cover

Infinite – Light Lyrics

(Sunggyu Solo) English Translation: Shine You’re The Light Did you come into my heart? Tell me, since when? When I turn my head I think about your eyes Can I Could I Be Your Man…

Infinite 2nd Album Cover

Infinite – Breathe Lyrics

English Translation: You called ten times already, I told you I’ll be there a little later Even my friends take note of you, I’m so uncomfortable You talk loudly on purpose, though you know people…