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Hwa Sa

Hwa Sa 1st Mini Album Cover

HwaSa – LMM Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Tomorrow’s us is faint The wind makes each other hurt Heee~ Comfort me Do you wanna get some more We just lost sight Do you wanna go somewhere We only try to…

Hwa Sa 1st Mini Album Cover

HwaSa – WHY Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: To reach you I went around a long way But to you, it’s easy love You fuck it easy love They said I’ve become blind Everyone tells me, don’t be fooled I…

Hwa Sa 1st Mini Album Cover

HwaSa – Kidding Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: They said they’ll love me forever Love is so wonderful They said they’ll look at me forever Happily after then Gossip that’s even more tacky because it’s obvious Laughing stock that’s tragic…

Hwa Sa 1st Mini Album Cover

HwaSa – Maria Lyrics

English Translation: I’ve been criticized so much, I have indigestion But even if I’m upset, what can I do, I do Everyone’s trying so hard to hate me If they break me down Does it…