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Henry 2nd mini-Album Cover

Henry – You Lyrics

English Translation: Once again, the start of my day is you I’ll hold your hands I’ll be your boy, you’ll be my girl I want to tell you, yeah In the small world in my…

Henry 2nd mini-Album Cover

Henry – Butterfly Lyrics

(Feat. Seulki of SMROOKIES) English Translation: When I’m yawning and feeling restless Only you seem like spring out of this whole world, girl When you look at me You’re like a playful cat chasing a…

Henry 2nd mini-Album Cover

Henry – Saturday Lyrics

English Translation: What Oh Yeah I’m special today, I look pretty good Eyes are fixed on me Maybe there are sparkling gems on my body They all focus on me Tonight will be a maze…

Henry 2nd mini-Album Cover

Henry – Need You Now Lyrics

(Feat. Hoya of INFINITE) English Translation: It’s already 2AM but I can’t sleep What do I do? I need you now Oh I’m so weak Without you, without you I need you now I’ve never…

Henry 2nd mini-Album Cover

Henry – Bad Girl Lyrics

(Feat. Chanyeol of EXO) English Translation: Yeah Listen Woo Yeah That’s right 1 2 3 Duruduru Nana Uh Uh Yeah Listen up Waddup Waddup Yeah, I fell for you It’s sweet 1 and 2 and…

Henry 2nd mini-Album Cover

Henry – Fantastic Lyrics

English Translation: Yo girl you’re fantastic (you know that) You make me fly I was so immature A child, who didn’t know what love is I always won in this strange game of love I…

Henry 1st mini-Album Cover

Henry – I Would Lyrics

English Translation/Romanized: Nothing has ever broken me like you did No one I ever wanted more than you Nobody else can make a man so weak Make him fall in love so deep Baby No…

Henry 1st mini-Album Cover

Henry – Holiday Lyrics

English Translation: Ooh Yeah You ready? You keep wearing clothes that I don’t like (uh uh ooh oh no) When we’re together, you always look at your phone (uh uh ooh oh no) I don’t…

Henry 1st mini-Album Cover

Henry – Ready 2 Love Lyrics

English Translation: Let’s stay together like the sky full of stars yeah Like the spreading evening sun, you spread in me, I feel your breath I still saved my kiss, and all the things that…