GroovyRoom FYL Cover

GroovyRoom – FYL Lyrics

English Translation: Darkness spreads faster than light Sadness always makes you fall deeper Listen to that small voice inside The whisper that leads you to the light Even if you do believe in miracles You…

GroovyRoom Daylight Cover

GroovyRoom – Daylight Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Daylight tikkeulmoa tikkeuriji nan Dubaero badeumyeon dubaero bullyeo Red light geudaeumeun dangyeonhi Paranburi kyeojimi I know They lied aranoko danghan urin Boksuui gihoereul noryeo Ttaragaril eopji Wanbyeokan suchiwa miraegachi reul goryeo Geugeon…

GroovyRoom Burn Cover

GroovyRoom – Burn Lyrics

(Feat. Coogie) English Translation: My color is fire. You, too. Find your light Day and night. It’s a flash I don’t know what to do I’ll answer the question, “Han Chul.” You’re welcome I’m so…