G. Nine

G Nine 0811 Cover

G. Nine – 0811 Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Err ya, this song’s for ya Did you forget my birthday? My birthday? You didn’t send me anything, oh, anything Used to tell me happy birthday, always Guess I’m stuck in my…

G Nine & Roman Kayz Shaky Cover

G. Nine & Roman Kayz – Shaky Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Bae, you like a shining star Can’t reach you Know that it’s wrong to fuckin’ start But I miss you Somebody save me or let me She finna make me go crazy…

G Nine U Down Cover

G. Nine – U Down? Lyrics

English Translation: Err ya, this song’s for ya Lately, I’ve been feelin’ down It’s been a long night ‘Cause I think I just saw you In a thrift shop, is that you? I’m curious now…