Chaos Single Album

ChAOS – Kiss Kiss Lyrics

English Translation: Baby Kiss Kiss me Baby Kiss Kiss me I want to secretly go to you and steal your lips Kiss Kiss me baby Kiss Kiss me How electrifying would her lips be Ooh…

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ChAOS – Quickly Go Lyrics

English Translation: You’re weird these days, why are you getting so many texts? Your voice trembles when you say “It’s just my mom” It’s dubious – would I get mad or not? When you went…

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ChAOS – Here She Comes Lyrics

English Translation: Submit Lyrics Romanized: Oneul-gateun bamiomyeon nan neukdaero byeonha-gopa (just give me the chance x2) Teobeokteobeok keo-reo-gadeon nae bal-keo-reumeun sal-keumsal-keum yeah~ (just give me the chance x2) Keunyeoye iptu-reun tal-gomhan gaendi-gata Keunyeoye iptu-reun tal-gomhan…