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Byul – Fermata Lyrics

English Translation: The long winter has gone and spring has come When will the flowers bloom in my heart? My tears scatter with the cold wind It becomes snow and falls in my heart In…

Byul Nostalgia Album Cover

Byul – You’re So Bad Lyrics

English Translation: Why did you talk to me? You shouldn’t pretended not to see me I’m the only one who seems pitiful If you introduce me to her, saying that she’s your good friend Did…

Byul Single Cover

Byul – So Cute Lyrics

(Feat. JungYeol of 10cm) English Translation: I know you boy – your eyes, looking at me, are a bit too hot I love you so much, that’s what I’m going to tell you – you’re…

Byul Golden Time OST Cover

Byul – Before Touching Two Cheeks Lyrics

English Translation: I suddenly knew when I looked in the mirror, that I was suffering a lot Even when I smiled, there was something filled up in my eyes I don’t remember my face when…

Byul Unexpected You OST Cover

Byul – Words Engraved In My Heart Lyrics

English Translation: Because I’m a fool, who hesitates with the words, I love you I looked at you, dreamed of you and burned up my heart alone Cause I love you, only one person So…