BUMKEY Letter To Heaven Cover

BUMKEY – Letter To Heaven Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Aju jageun byeori doeeo Meon haneullo tteonaganne Natseon gose inneun ge Eolmana oeroulji al su eomne Geugoseseon haengbokagil gidohane Nae jageun moksoriga deullyeo Neoege wiroga doegireul wonhae Neon mollasseul geoya Nega eolmana…


BUMKEY – COVID-19 Lyrics

English Translation: Tell me what you wanna do When this covid-19 thing is over We gon’ pack it up Let’s go anywhere, I like it yeah Tell me what you really wanna do girl After…

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Bumkey – Attraction Lyrics

(Feat. Dynamic Duo) English Translation: Ma lady, I want to play with you Come closer, I want to hug you tight The mood is just right, will you close your eyes? (I wanna be with…