BIG Naughty

BIG Naughty STAB Cover

BIG Naughty – STAB Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Sarangi mwogillae Nunmul goin na Ibyeori mwogillae Tteolgo inna Ibyeol neomeoen Mwoga isseulkka Saeroun mannam Animyeon nega isseulkka Bame duryeoun maeume Mot deureo jame Tto daeume bojaneun mare Geunyang jigeum gallae Gulttukgateun…

BIG Naughty Shake it off Cover

BIG Naughty – Shake it off! Lyrics

English Translation: Rob the bank ay We the robbers ay Wear out your wallet and make more money again ay Rob the bank Ay we the robbers Wear out your wallet and make more money…

BIG Naughty Joker Cover

BIG Naughty – Joker Lyrics

English Translation: When you look at me I can see in your eyes A different side of you That you don’t even know about When you call my name From your voice I can hear…