BAEKHYUN Amusement Park Cover

BAEKHYUN – Amusement Park Lyrics

Official English Translation: Come hang out anytime Don’t worry about what others think If you feel like there’s not enough time I’ll open at night everyday You don’t need to wait in line With the…

BAEKHYUN Do You Like Brahms OST Part11 Cover

BAEKHYUN – Happy Lyrics

English Translation: My feelings for you are always the same I’m always standing right behind you I really hope my earnest prayer reaches you Again today Because you’re my everything I’m confessing these words to…

BAEKHYUN Garden In The Air Cover

BAEKHYUN – Garden In The Air Lyrics

English Translation: Are you still wandering around? It might be that you’re lonely I wanted to find that place Where the sky looked the farthest away The more time passes And the more I become…