ATEEZ Lets Get Together Cover

ATEEZ – Let′s Get Together Lyrics

English Translation: Up sharply in the dark Born in the bright light Breaking the long silence I fly into the light On bright water The dark sea of ​​nightmares Save me We can go I’m…

ATEEZ Dont Stop Cover

ATEEZ – Don’t Stop Lyrics

Official English Translation: Come in my world, come in my world, ye, ye Don’t hesitate, it’s a piece of cake for you, ye, ye You’ve already fallen for it, floundering, ye, ye Do you feel…

ATEEZ The Real Cover

ATEEZ – The Real Lyrics

Official English Translation: Ay! How you feelin’ out there Ateez present Hey man Go man Hey man Go man Hey man Go man This is what we call style Alright stop that all with y’all’s…