AlphaBAT 1st mini-Album Cover

AlphaBAT – Ddan Dda La Lyrics

English Translation: Tantara lalala lalalala lalalala yeah Alphabat Right Here, Real Bros Got Ma Back Tantara lalala lalalala lalalala We make it trouble, no matter what Like ABCDEFG Throw away all the obvious things Like…

AlphaBAT Single Cover

AlphaBAT – Always Lyrics

English Translation: We first met on November of 2011 We were nervous and awkward 2012 February, March September and October We were always together, laughing and crying together Do you all remember? Always, I’ll remember…

AlphaBAT Single Cover

AlphaBAT – Surprise Party Lyrics

English Translation: Yeah Show time is it. Surprise party Yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Girl! My girl! Shh! I pretended not to know but I’m actually a smart boy Did you think I…