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ZE:A Illusion EP

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ZE:A – Step By Step Lyrics

English Translation: When I’m watching a movie by myself,when I’m eating by myself When I’m walking by myself, I think of you In case you find out, I try not to call you But I…

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ZE:A – The Ghost Of Wind Lyrics

English Translation: I’m like a ghost, who can’t be seen only in your eyes Why can’t you see me I want to take out my hidden heart but One step back, to you I’m a…

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ZE:A – U’re My Sweety Lyrics

English Translation: You, who is dating me, always look pretty, always look good You, who only looks at me, look so cute, look so thankful Should I buy you a single stemmed flower? Candy? Chocolate?…

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ZE:A – No. 1 Lyrics

English Translation: Why do you keep avoiding me? Why do you keep misunderstanding? You’ve fallen into a swamp of illusions that you’ve made up, no way, no way, no way Listen to me, please believe…

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ZE:A – Crazy Lyrics

English Translation: If you keep doing whatever you want, it’ll be difficult I’m not that easy of a person That’s what I think but for some reason, I can’t tell you I can’t believe I’m…