Wise Doctors Life OST

Wise Doctors Life OST Part 11 Cover

Jeon Mi Do – I Knew I Love Lyrics

English Translation: The day I first saw a photo of you January 31, 1999 After that moment and until now You’ve only waited for me Again today, I’m calling you like a habit You answered…

Wise Doctors Life OST Part 11 Cover

Oohyo – While Living Life Lyrics

English Translation: As I live I’m sure bright days will come Even gray days will pass And the sun will rise They say youth is a fortune So don’t be timid, open up your chest…

Mido & Falasol Wise Doctors Life OST Part 12 Cover

Mido & Falasol – Me To You, You To Me Lyrics

English Translation: I hope that, to you, I will become A perfect piece of memory like a sunset And will remain without regrets like a picture Oh that reminds you of our precious green days To me, you became…