VIXX 4th Single Album

VIXX 4th Single Album Cover

VIXX – Eternity Lyrics

English Translation: Look. Love is a nightmare. Time’s over A miracle has come to me From the beginning, we had started Because I knew everything about you I was confident, yeah (It’s cold) It’s just…

VIXX 4th Single Album Cover

VIXX – Sad Ending Lyrics

English Translation: Don’t stop, don’t ever look back Just like that, go go go The red eyes in the darkness is targeting you Always ready to swallow you The moment you get distracted, it’s over,…

VIXX 4th Single Album Cover

VIXX – Love, LaLaLa Lyrics

English Translation: When I’m walking with you I feel the eyes on us, oh yeah The more that happens The more it feels strangely electric, oh yeah Even if everyone scans your body with their…