u-kiss stop girl ep

U-KISS 7th mini-Album Cover

U-KISS – Sexy Baby Lyrics

English Translation: You’re daring, proud and so feisty You keep driving me crazy, shaking my heart so I can’t breathe Sexier than anyone else, and so softly You melt my heart and you play with…

U-KISS 7th mini-Album Cover

U-KISS – Stop Girl Lyrics

English Translation: Yeah (x7) Oh, I’ll be honest with you This really isn’t over – no more, I’m so tired Oh, I’ll wait a little so please don’t cry Time is ticking and the tears…

U-KISS 7th mini-Album Cover

U-KISS – Time To Go Lyrics

English Translation: After you left, it really hurt but I held it in I can’t acknowledge that this is the end Everything around me revolved around you I can’t handle this break up I said…